Dan Gemp, President, CEO, Dreamscape Marketing

President, CEO, Dreamscape Marketing

A nationally recognized speaker on ethical healthcare marketing, Dan maintains a year-round speaking schedule, forecasting digital marketing trends and delivering the strategies to capitalize on them. His unique perspective, at the intersection of business, digital marketing, and healthcare, has positioned him as a thought leader and go-to contributor to many healthcare podcasts, webinars, and publications including Bloomberg and The New York Times.

Dan Gemp is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Dreamscape Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency, based in Columbia, MD, serving the healthcare industry. Since 2005, he has made it the company’s mission to provide executive-level decision makers a trusted strategic partner in planning and executing digital marketing campaigns that achieve their business development goals.

12:20 pm est

Wednesday June 16

Local SEO for Senior Living: Outranking the Lead Aggregators

Is it necessary to pay lead aggregators in order to increase your move-in rates? The answer is no. As search results become more localized, your local SEO is being owned not by you but by lead aggregators jockeying for ranking and pushing you out of the way. Lead aggregators have figured out how to charge senior living communities a premium for local SEO results that communities can (and should) achieve on their own.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Dreamscape Marketing CEO Dan Gemp will share with you invaluable advice on how to beat lead aggregators at their own game: by controlling your own senior living community’s local SEO results.


  • Discover how lead aggregators are covertly exploiting your weaknesses
  • Explore ways to take back local SEO results from lead aggregators & dominate them
  • Learn why achieving your own local SEO results is highly cost-effective