Evan Friedkin, Head of Business Development, Roobrik, Inc.

Head of Business Development, Roobrik, Inc.

Since graduating from the University of Delaware, Evan has lent his natural entrepreneurial spirit to various sales organizations — from financial services to long term care. But when he landed at Roobrik in 2019, he admits it felt like coming home; His first of many volunteer positions was in middle school at a local senior living facility.

At Roobrik Evan talks every day with sales and marketing professionals, describing how Roobrik’s online assessment tool can help anonymous web visitors get “unstuck” and engaging with communities.

Speaking of stuck… as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated in 2020, Evan was inspired by one client’s inquiry — “do you know others like me that are wondering what to do next?” — and scheduled an ongoing cadence of private peer-to-peer conversations for senior living marketing and sales professionals. These conversations have spurred new business opportunities, but more than that, Evan admits he’s been buoyed by the camaraderie and sense of goodwill.

Evan and his wife Dayane will welcome a daughter in late August of this year. Team Roobrik wonders how his pups, Rocky and Lua, will adjust to less of Evan’s time, but as with most things, Evan’s ambition and unflagging energy will find a way to accommodate everyone.

11:00 am est

Thursday June 17

Transparency and Digital Shoppers: Helping Them Help Themselves

Description: We all want our best sales people to talk one-on-one to prospective residents and families. But as shoppers acclimate to browsing the Internet before making any decisions, it’s vital to provide them with education and answers to nudge them forward at their own pace. Forcing a web visitor to fill out a form or talk to a representative to find out key information might mean losing leads that just aren’t ready to make the leap.

How transparent should you be? The answer varies, but in this talk Evan Friedkin of Roobrik shares insights gleaned from dozens of operators and tens of thousands of consumers completing online assessments, including:

  • Should you disclose pricing information online?
  • How much information can you ask a visitor to share without scaring them off your site?
  • Should you spend time educating families...even if you don’t get their contact information?