Grier Colwell, Head of Customer Success, Eversound

Head of Customer Success, Eversound

Grier Colwell is the Director of Customer Success for Eversound, a technology company dedicated to addressing untreated hearing loss through innovative hearing solutions for residents of senior living communities. After completing her degree from the prestigious School of Hospitality Administration at Cornell University and maturing her career in that industry, Grier wanted to transfer her passion for building relationships and helping others connect into something more.  With Eversound, Grier has had the opportunity to transform the lives of residents at over 1K communities across all 50 states.  She is currently leading a team that hopes to reach every senior community in the nation to bring them closer to each other and their loved ones with Eversound’s products and platform through improved hearing.

4:20 pm est

Wednesday June 16

The "silent" epidemic- Resident hearing impairment impacting your occupancy levels?

Description: Growing evidence demonstrates an association between untreated hearing loss and a decline in cognitive function,  psychosocial well-being , indirect health, and overall quality of life in older adults. This "silent" epidemic has over 65% of your community's residents likely struggling with untreated hearing loss, you will learn why hearing loss impacts residents wellbeing and its potential impact on occupancy rates and financial performance. Imagine being a hero within your organization in driving up occupancy rates. 


  • Gain knowledge of the association between hearing loss and cognitive burden and discuss the mechanisms linking untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline, physical functioning, psychosocial well-being, and quality of life
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of hearing loss in residents of senior living environments
  • Understand the connection that hearing loss can have on the financial performance of senior living communities
  • Learn about cost effective tools to help address untreated hearing loss of your community's residents