Hoyle Koontz, Partner, The Vectre

Partner, The Vectre

As a catalyst, a conceiver and a creator, my 25 years of marketing and communications experience, entrepreneurship, and product development talents have focused on digital/imaging technologies and product development for sales, marketing, and communications within senior living, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and higher education. Proven entrepreneurial experience resulted in growing two start-ups; developing and innovating digital technologies, products, and platforms; building teams to deliver impressive results; and working alongside clients to solve important business problems. My second company was acquired in 2017 by a large national marketing agency. I'm now involved in my third start-up company called The Vectre. We've built a new platform called YourTour for senior living communities to enable their virtual sales efforts to be much more personalized.

3:40 pm est

Thursday June 17

Tips to Create a More Personalized Virtual Tour

Description: The sales process is evolving and communities need to meet their prospects where they are. Many communities are having success with the digital transformation of the sales process to enable the personalization of the community's value proposition and how it aligns directly with your prospect.

Objectives: After this presentation, you'll be enabled with tips and tricks to execute a more personalized virtual tour of your community so that your prospect can quickly understand how their life or their loved one's life would be enriched by moving to your community. You'll understand how you can sell from the prospect's perspective and make the best first impression in a competitive market.