John Lariccia, CEO and Founder, WelcomeHome

CEO and Founder, WelcomeHome

John Lariccia is the CEO and Founder of WelcomeHome Software. John's passion for helping sales and marketing professionals in senior living stemmed from consulting with operators of all sizes. John resides in Atlanta with his wife and 5 kids.

11:40 am est

Thursday June 17

Get out of the building

Description:Prospective residents that are referred by people within the broader community -- whether physicians, social workers, or clergy -- are incredibly attractive.  They convert at a higher rate.  They move sooner.  They stay longer.  But, most sales teams don't spend the time or, if they do spend the time, don't engage those potential referral sources in the right way. In this session, we will highlight differences across the pools of potential residents and outline best practices for how to talk about your community's value to each of these different audiences to help them help you help others.