Lola Rain, Chief Marketing & Growth Strategist, Senior Living Foresight

Chief Marketing & Growth Strategist, Senior Living Foresight

 With 20 years of experience in housing, healthcare and enterprise technology, Lola has spent her career building programs, training, mentoring and capturing stories. Her successes include integrated branding campaigns using TV, radio, billboards, print and Internet. Her passion for PR keeps her motivated to educate large populations through partnerships with local media, nonprofits and government agencies.

1:00 pm est

Thursday June 17

Aligning Sales and Marketing to Build Higher Occupancy

Description: Have you ever wondered why there is tension between sales and marketing? Why does one salesperson love to interact with people, while the other prefers the paperwork process, or the creativity of marketing the property? In this session you will discover:


  • How to better recognize the skills and talents of sales and marketing team members.
  • The steps to align sales and marketing and build a cohesive team prepared to achieve occupancy goals.
  • Why training and professional development is essential for these roles to be successful.
  • How to select the right training program for your team.