Marc Cherabie, Director of Sales, Site Staff Chat

Director of Sales, Site Staff Chat

Marc Cherabie comes from a background of sales and entrepreneurship. From owning his own successful sunglass business, to working in telecom, Marc has found a home at SiteStaff Chat. Through meaningful conversation, Marc has helped many businesses in the Senior Living and Elective Medical space prosper with more qualified leads. Being a first generation American, Marc knows how to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. He understands the importance of empathy-driven conversations. “We live in a world where technology, that was supposed to bring us closer together, has further disconnected us more than ever. I am passionate about human connection and humanizing an otherwise very robotic process. SiteStaff Chat has a unique was of doing that, and that is why I love it”.

12:20 pm est

Thursday June 17

All Leads Are Not Built the Same!

Description: A meaningful chat discussing the importance of not just getting more leads, but properly

engaging and converting those visitors. What is the result? Hopefully, the most qualified leads that convert,

shorten the sales cycle, and are exclusive to your community. Cultivate, educate, and create company

advocates, and make the first impression, the best one yet! In a world where the buying process is constantly changing, the opportunities to produce and convert leads are limitless. The determining factor, though, is what you are doing to capture and maximize the potential leads your marketing dollars are already attracting

Objectives: Knowing that every community is different, why are all the leads the same? A lead that may be right for one community, may not be right for another. So how do you capture leads that are qualified and specific to your community?